Tuesday, August 3, 2010


As I'm reminding myself daily, we've almost been in Korea for a year. But there's something else that's been around for a year now: our marriage.
For our anniversary, we decided to spend a day at the beach followed by "Italian" food in Jumunjin. If you've heard me talk about foreign food in Korea before, you know why I used the quotes there.
Anyway, it ended up being a really great day, because it was the first time the water on Ingu beach was warm enough to actually get in and swim. There were a few tourists there, and we joined them for some wave jumping. We didn't wear our bathing suits, but that's ok because Koreans just tend to wear whatever's around to the beach, including heels and jeans. Even when they wear a bathing suit, it's usually covered up by a t-shirt and shorts. (A funny aside: the head of our English center told me that her goal for the summer is to fit into a bikini. I told her I don't really like to wear bikinis. She was surprised and said she thought all western people wear bikinis. She was actually only buying one for her trip to Russia, because she thought she would stick out if she wasn't wearing one.)
The one is supposed to be for one year, but my Aunt Amy says it looks like we're saying "We're number one."
In the field outside of our apartment (Jon bought me the dress for my birthday).
By the sea in Jumunjin.
Yes, Jon got a milkshake with his meal.

More pictures here.

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