Friday, September 3, 2010

Thanks/Goodbye for now

Since we're back in the U.S., our lives are back to normal, so we don't have anything exciting to share with you guys. Thanks for reading the blog and commenting! I had fun keeping up with the blog, and maybe one day I'll have something else interesting to share in this sort of format. As for now, me sitting around doing homework and applying for jobs isn't too exciting.

If anyone finds this blog because they're interested in teaching in Korea, feel free to comment or e-mail me if you have any questions. I have a whole year's worth of wisdom I'd love to drop on you.


  1. Hi Jon and Sarah,

    I don't know if you ever check this blog but just in case I wanted to comment. My name is Charlie and my wife and I have been teaching in Ingu for 18 months now and I wanted to let you know how it's all going. We've really enjoyed our time here, although how you managed it without a car I don't know! We lasted 4 weeks before we bought one! We're still in the same tiny apartment, but at least it's cheap to heat and cool.

    Big school news: After our first semester here the principle left and the new one is far less gushy over foreigners which is good and he also doesn't drink which means none of the teachers really drink much on staff dinners which is good. Unfortunately he's a bit too relaxed and the students behaviour has really gone down hill. Also Namae is now one of our favourite schools! After the first semester they had a huge staff change and now they are enthusiastic about English and are pretty well behaved. We're also up to 6 schools now as we also teach at Imho.

    I hope you're both well and have good memories of Ingu.

    Charlie and Natalie

  2. Hi! I can't believe I just saw this comment. I somehow didn't have my blog set to e-mail me if people commented. We miss Ingu a lot!! Occasionally we get an e-mail from a student (perhaps you helped them to compile?) which is wonderful. While there was a little bit of annoyance toward the end, all of the great people, especially the students, made it worth it. Plus, Ingu is just plain beautiful! I'm glad you have to deal with less crazy drunken principal nights, although he did make some things quite interesting.

    Is Yeong Eon still working at Ingu? Are you? Thanks so much for the update. It's hard to believe we've been gone for over two years. All those cute little kids are growing up!